[ Candy O' Lady ] Candy O' Glow Peel Off Pack

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FOR SKIN AS SWEET AS CANDY: The Candy O’ Glow peel off masks have the sweetest formula that will give you a glowing skin so you can look more beautiful...
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  • FOR SKIN AS SWEET AS CANDY: The Candy O’ Glow peel off masks have the sweetest formula that will give you a glowing skin so you can look more beautiful than ever! In the set you will find a flamingo pink mask, an indigo mask, and of course the latest trend, the black charcoal peel off mask! With regular use your skin will be smooth, bright and absolutely flawless!
  • BOOSTED ELASTICITY: These incredible illuminating skin masks contain hydrolysed collagen that will increase your skin’s elasticity with each use. Soon your skin will be firm so you can look young, slim and beautiful! The unique sweet formula of our products will also leave your skin deeply hydrated and with a protective moisture layer for long lasting effects.
  • SILKEN SOFT COMPLEXION: The peel off masks contain kaolin and green bean extract that will gently restore your skin and remove the dead cells so it can be softer and smoother than ever! By peeling the mask off you can efficiently remove blackheads and then the restoring formula will minimize your pores so you can have flawless skin for so much longer!
  • FUN SPA EXPERIENCE: The sweet peel off masks are extremely sparkly and have a fun jelly-like texture that makes them very easy to use. You can easily spread the mask all over your face and when it gets dry and firm you just peel it off and see the immediate results! With the Candy O’ Lady facial mask pack you can truly enjoy a spa experience at home!
  • AMAZING GIFT IDEA: The Candy O’ Lady peel off masks come in adorable and coolorful packaging that is oh-so-sweet! The skin care pack will make the cutest gift for every girl and woman and for any occasion! Get this for your sister, daughter, best friend, or wife for Christmas or birthdays and rest assured that she will fall in love with the colorful and sparkly gel and be impressed with the flawless results!



Give Your Skin A Magical Glow With Candy O’ Lady
Do you find your skin to be a little dull and want it to glow?
Are you looking for a way to get rid of the annoying blackheads?
Do you want to give your skin the best treatment so you can look beautiful at all times?
Well, we have exactly what you need!
The Candy O’ Lady peel off mask pack is everything you’ve been dreaming of and so much more!
Blemish Free Complexion
Whether you have oily and acne-prone skin or dry and dull skin, these amazing peel off masks will give you the results you are looking for!
The sparkly face masks are made with the best quality ingredients and they are specially formulated for quick results and maximum performance.
By using these products your skin will soon become smooth and soft as they can minimize your pores and remove your blackheads instantly!
And no need to worry about spots and pimples!
The masks will gently remove your dead skin cells so you can truly regenerate your skin and be blemish free in no time!
Shine Bright Like Never Before
The peel off masks were designed to illuminate your skin and make it brighter than ever so you can look young, beautiful and radiant.
The masks have an adorable sparkle so you can rest assured that they will help your skin shine just as much!
All you have to do to get flawless results is apply the mask on your skin after you’ve washed, let it dry, and when it’s time just peel it off! It’s that simple!
So don’t waste any more time!